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Hello, True Believer!

This is the official icon community of x_men. The purpose of this community is to swap/trade/request icons, banners and wallpapers that are xmen related, of course.

Search for character specific icons, banners and wallpapers by clicking on the tag lines.

  • Please place the names of the characters depicted in the icon, banner, or colorbar in the SUBJECT LINE of the post.

    (This will help identify who is being depicted, and help me add the tags.)

  • When applicable use the codename of the character instead of their actual name in the subject line.

    Good example: Cyclops. Bad example: Scott Summers.

    In the case of Jean Grey or Rachel Summers, you would use whatever code name she is using in the particular comic the image was taken from, or which ever name is indicated by the costume she is wearing, ie: Marvel Girl, Phoenix, Dark Phoenix or Jean Grey. For instance, it would be inappropriate to refer to her as Jean if she is wearing the Phoenix costume. Same thing goes for Rachel.

    Jean & Rachel Codenames:

    Jean: Marvel Girl, Phoenix
    Rachel: Marvel Girl III, Phoenix III

    Technically Jean Grey is Phoenix II & IV, but since most people identify the Phoenix as Jean Grey, we will allow that code name here.

    Note: Phoenix was Baron Zemo. Marvel Girl II was Valeria von Doom.

  • When an icon contains a depiction of a couple (two people), please join their names with the "&" symbol. Please do not list their names separately.

    Good example: Cyclops & Wolverine. Bad example: Cyclops, Wolverine.

  • Requests for icons are perfectly acceptable.</ul>

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